How to fill the empty space

When nothing seems enough

Pain is my constant companion

You could say that I have it rough

No rest, nor naps

A dark cool room

Where nothing makes a peep

My bed of pillows

Holds little solace

Just un-refreshing sleep

Distraction to exhaustion

I must continue to compete

Because giving up

Is for the weak

With a person that has dissipated

The loss of her makes me weep


What I want for Christmas

I don’t consider myself a material girl, but if I were, here is a short list of items that I’d love to receive this Christmas.

Sexy Leg Tights


I think they would be the perfect thing to hide my varicose veins. Plus, I might actually get lucky.

Beatles Varsity Jacket


I would be warm, and fab, both at the same time.

A new lighter, and some marijuana.


Everything is better with a bag of weed, especially Christmas. (Just saying.)

An Albatross


He seems sort of pissed off. We would make quite a pair, don’t you think?

I would let him name himself.

Snoop Dogs Hat


If it’s good enough for Snoop, its good enough for me.

Bow wow wow.

This Orange Hot-Tub


I am a huge fan of citrus. This has to be one of the coolest things that I have ever seen. I can only imagine the shipping costs.

Giant Teddy Bear Bed


Hey, baby…I promise I don’t bite.

I wonder if he’d rub my back if I asked nicely, or just eat me?

I’m oddly curious to find out.

What do you want for Christmas?