My second brother

I met my best friends baby brother when I was 16, and he was 7.

He was always outside with his little band of friends, constantly on the go. I can remember going to watch him at football practice, myself and his two sisters drooling over his coach.

I watched him grow up, off and on, from a little boy to a young man. It seemed over a season, he grew 5 inches. The peach fuzz on his chin proved that time stands still for no one. He wasn’t the same little boy who put sand in my shoes at the beach, laughing hysterically at his own prank.

Jesse was there for me when I left my ex. He went with me as my bodyguard when I needed to pick up some belongings I had left behind during my moments notice exit from hell. I was afraid to go there myself, and so I accepted my human body shields assistance, happily. He watched as I sifted through the mess that my ex had made of our home, searching for anything valuable. Then, when my ex did show up, he made his presence known.

Jesse had my back, just like a brother.

He has always been a part of my life. I am so glad we were able to form our own friendship over the years, as well. It is because of this that I share his story.

Last fall, right around the time Jesse turned 30, he was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After close to 10 years, his employer let him go, and because of his chemo treatments, he is unable to work. He is currently awaiting word from disability, but in the meantime, he started a chemotherapy fund at

Jesse holding a friends baby.

Jesse holding a friends baby.

Jesse, his sisters, mother and other loved ones not only need monetary help at the moment, but support. A restore in humanity, and the power of positive thoughts, prayers and vibes. I have felt it for myself so many times within this community, and now I ask the same for Jesse.

Love you, man.

Jesse’s chemo fund

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      1. Jesse is a good man and your post touched me as I know it will for any who read it. Please donate, reblog or repost on facebook or Twitter. Any and all help for Jesse is very much appreciated.

  1. Courageous man. I will be donating as I encourage everyone to donate. Yes times are indeed tough everywhere but even if you only have a dollar or a few dollars, every penny will help. I urge you to consider donating.

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