A thank you

My friend Fran came to me yesterday, asking if she could say a little something about my post the other day. I also want to say thank you, so very much. You guys are awesomesauce.

Hello to everyone. I just wanted to thank everyone for all your prayers and good wishes and your donations to help my brother Jesse Corby.
When I read what Merry wrote, I was moved to tears. I read it to Jesse and he was speechless. She has such a beautiful way with words.
Since Jesse’s diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, every day.. Every minute of everyday is a question of what happens next. Jesse was a young hard-working man in the prime of his life when he started having night sweats and he felt a lump on his jaw. After going back and forth to doctors for testing he finally knew what was the cause. It was the dreaded “C” word.
Since that day, all of our lives have changed. None more than Jesse’s.
Jesse now has chemotherapy every other week and is constantly sick from the treatments. He has lost over 100 lbs, has lost his hair, and is so weak that we walks with a walker.
He has good and bad days, like us all. He fights a deep depression, at times admitting he wishes he could go to sleep and never wake up.
Those of us that love him try to remind him of all the good in the world and that life is worth fighting for.
Every single one of you that posted words of encouragement and gave to his fund deserve a thank you and if I could I would hug every single one of you. You are amazing and you have encouraged a wonderful young man to keep fighting! Thank you.
Frances Corby-Roy

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  1. It’s an utterly terrible thing to go through. But we are all “family” of sorts and we’re stronger for having that bond. I hope Jesse gets well, soon. Lots of love and hugs to you all.

  2. This fight is as much about chemo as it is about a positive state of mind. I’m glad we were able to contribute a bit to that. Stay strong, Jesse!!

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