Sunday Comics…

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  1. It snowed a little again here last night, just a bit though. I’m with you – totally ready to have this cold and snow bullshit done with.

    Counting blessings is good. I always count you as my middle finger blessing, cuz it seems like we should both be giving the finger to the world most days. :D

  2. Very cute cartoons!
    We’ve escaped snow two years in a row now (when I was little it hardly ever snowed in Cornwall). We did have some pretty impressive storms, though.

      1. Oh, it was just a baby earthquake. I don’t think the Little Prince even woke up for it. I was already at work, and didn’t bother diving under my desk or heading for a doorway.

      2. Yeah. Where I grew up there were four or five active faults… we had earthquakes that we felt probably once a month, and we had earthquakes we didn’t feel every single day. The earth moves… and we get on with it.

  3. Winter? What winter? Lol! It was 80 degrees here yesterday…;)
    (I figure that’ll steam you…maybe just if only to help melt that white stuff you’re buried up to your neck in…just trying to help)

  4. Given how mild the winter has been here in the UK, I’m predicting we’ll have loads of snow all through April… Just when the rest of the Northern Hemisphere is starting to thaw out properly!

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