Why I blog

I love to make people laugh. 

The point of my blog is to fight depression and chronic pain with humor, as often as I possibly can. My sense of humor has been my friend (and weapon of choice) since I was 2 years old, when I flushed my Easter basket down the toilet. (Jelly beans do not float.)

Sometimes even my serious posts can have a smile lurking somewhere, and it is my job to try and find it.

Not only for myself, but for everyone who visits here.



  1. Hello! Sent here by El Guapo, a wonderful person that he is. I am so sorry to hear that you may be losing your home! That is horrible! I don’t know you but am happy to help and will be heading to the fundraising site shortly.

    I too suffer from Fibro & depression in addition to Rheumatoid Arthritis. There are so many days when I want to give up but somehow I keep going and looking for the humor in life. Like you, humor is my best medicine. I was fortunate through my previous employer’s wonderful benefits, to get disability benefits from them as well as Social Security. I got denied the first time but kept fighting. That was in 1998 and I am still unable to work and suffer from many of the side effects of all these ‘monsters’.

    I am glad Guapo sent me over here because I can now follow you and get to know you. Check out this post I recently wrote on my struggles, http://wp.me/p3h7aY-164

    Stay strong! :)

  2. Guapo has become a good friend of mine, too. He sent me over to let you know that I will click on the link to help you along your way… I have friends with fibromyalgia and I know how hard life can be with that crappy disease. I often wonder why good folks like you have autoimmune problems and cash flow disasters, yet schmucks like Ted Nugent run around and have nice houses and get on TV. Makes ZERO sense to me… anyway, I’m a woman who was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder and PTSD at age 50 and now, at 57, I still laugh as much as I did in the old days. I mean, humor has gotten me through some horrific stuff, but there is nothing funny about YOU being put out of your home, sweetie. So opening my wallet, I hope you take heart because all these people are hear sending you love… and again, thanks to El Guapocito for his ever-lovin’ heart, right? Love, Amy

    1. I am glad Guapo sent you in my direction…thank you for your support and donation..I have been trying to keep up with everyone who has come to visit me so far. What a wonderful experience this is to have.
      Guapocito is the shit. :) xo Merry

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