Knocked Over By A Feather


The Bar

There’s something about seeing a bar, whether in a darkened or brightly lit room, with high stools and the odor of not quite yet stale beer, that has always intrigued me.


I wanted to go into restaurant bars as a child, but the sign clearly said 21 or over and my parents said no.

I researched and delivered an oral report to my sophomore class about an occupation that interested me, being a bartender.

I’m not even close to being an alcoholic. I’ve done my fair share of drinking, trust me, with outcomes that ranged from passing out for a minute on a toilet to whipping off my bra at a Halloween party.

I don’t like it enough.

No, it’s not the alcohol housed behind the bar that calls to me so much as the bar itself.

Maybe it’s the light that catches on the colored liquor bottles and the sound of people talking.

It could be the sense of comradary among the patrons and the lure of rebelliousness, the music from the jukebox flowing like vodka into a Screwdriver.

I find it strange the things that people find pleasure in.

Get Your Beatles Lyrics Here!

I follow a Facebook page called A Day in the Life, which specializes in everything Beatles. For the past few days now, they’ve been posting creative memes featuring awesome lyrics.

In lieu of anything political, I’ve been sharing them on my timeline because they are a bit of happiness and a pinch of amazing.

Who doesn’t need some of that fab shit right now?


I love this one, it’s my favorite.





Which one is your favorite?

A World Away


Sometimes it seems like fantasy

The world and its shaky instability

So, turn off the news and go cook dinner

To make it all seem like a world away

Take a shower and also your pills

That help control your many ills

Millions of problems beyond your control

We push it until it’s a world away

We must take care of house and home

Keep loved ones close, untrustworthy at bay

But we seek shelter for the sake of sanity…


…pretending that it’s all a world away



This poem was inspired by Alice. The title and idea is her’s, I just wrote a poem about it. We were discussing all of the things that are happening in the world right now and how important it is not to immerse yourself in it. It’s often extremely overwhelming for people with mental illnesses, like myself and Alice, for example.

It’s not that we don’t care, we do. More than you know. We just need to limit our exposure to it so that we don’t fall into a dark hole and lose any sliver of hope.

We all need to be kinder to ourselves right now, every single one of us. 

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