I hope the anticipation hasn’t been too extreme.

Written and sung by John Lennon in 1964, “I feel fine’ was the B side to “She’s a woman.” Most importantly is the fact that this was the first song ever that featured feedback on vinyl. It was purely by accident, too. (Some of the best things are.)

As the story goes, John had placed his guitar against one of the speakers. The sound it made was amazing to them, how can a mistake sound so totally gear? They inquired to George Martin, can we use this in a song, in which case he said, “Um..sure.”

I mean, who tells the Beatles no?

No? But we’re the fucking Beatles!

You can’t miss it. As soon as the song starts, you hear this tremendously awesome wail, and the anticipation builds. Because you are listening to history, baby.

It is one of their best songs, and I never get tired of singing along with it. The riffs are to die for. It is always one of my first choices, and I tell everyone to shut up, “I feel fine” is playing.

Wonder what # 3 is? (Just lie and say yes.) Gotta wait until tomorrow.

Until then, enjoy.