If you catch me on the tail end of smoking a bowl, I will talk your ear off.

The person who usually gets to experience this pleasure is my mother, who has a knack for calling at just the right time. There I am, gibbering away like a hamster who just drank an energy drink, while mom tries to keep up with me.

“….and I really need to stop eating sweets, I went total ET on a bag of Reece’s Pieces the other night….”


I am actually a very quiet person normally and don’t have all that much to say. I can be alone for hours, and not even utter a sound. (Unless you count the occasional comment to my dog.)

“What are you looking at, that wasn’t me.”

Marijuana is an instant tongue lubricant for me, same as alcohol. It all has to do with inhibitions, or lack thereof. Instead of keeping all of my random, entertaining (to me) thoughts to myself, I share them like a bag of Doritos.


Have you ever seen the zone out stare? That’s when the eyes of the person you are blithering on to starts getting a glazed appearance.

There might even be some drool involved.

Are you talkative naturally, or only under the influence of mood altering substances?