I would like to welcome my friend Owen, who writes as Beleaguered Servant. I’ve been reading his poetry for awhile now, and absolutely love it! He has a way of taking normal, everyday things and breaking it down in such a way, you catch yourself nodding your head. I am thrilled for him to be guest posting today.


I’m a classical music guy
But that’s not where I stop;
I like jazz, too, and bluegrass
And the bubblegummest pop

Now, types of music widely range
From serious to schmaltz;
Some kinds will bring opprobrium
Or worse, vicious assaults

The strangest thing about the whole
Of humankind’s dominions
Is that we don’t fight over facts
But only our opinions

Being a classical music snob
Is in one way, quite usable;
I am immune to people’s snark
Concerning all things musical

So we should like what we might like
Ignore the taste dictators;
For those engaged in song-shaming
Are merely music haters