Have you ever taken a thought, or an idea, and played around with it in your mind?

Maybe you move it into the light, inspect it, then put in back into the shadows again. You stretch it, smooth it over, crumple it up. You ponder the if’s and whys, driving yourself positively insane in the process.

You might decide to just ignore it, and go about your business.

You realize that ain’t gonna happen this time.

You try to throw it as far as you can, but like a boomerang, it just comes back to you.

Not done with you yet, it says. Get comfy, grab a chair. Keep on rehashing, keep on picking it apart. I have plenty of time, and am sticking around awhile.

A thought starts out as a weak idea, then it grows strength. Once it becomes an idea, the next question is going to be is it possible? If it is, the idea turns into a feeling. Feelings usually fuel the entire shebang. (At least for me, anyways. Damn it.)

If not, it stalls out like a piece of shit car on a pair of railroad tracks.

I have long wondered why life is so complicated. It seems no matter what, there is always a monkey wrench being thrown at me.