I slurp when I drink something.

I can’t thread a needle on the first try.

I gave up learning how to play the flute after one week, because it was too hard.

The music teacher was mean.

I have a bad habit of mumbling when I talk.

I envy people who are more outgoing than I am.

I put off unpleasant tasks, often until the last-minute.

Give me a second to light a candle, I forgot to pay the electric bill.

I talk to myself, and respond.

I’ve never been able to eat just one Lay’s potato chip.

I double dip my chips.

I hog all the dip.

I suffer from the occasional bout of road rage, and call people assholes.

I also call them stupid. Stupid assholes.

I once clucked like a chicken for a Klondike bar.