I sit here and ponder the proper word to convey my contempt for this song.

Loathe comes to mind.

A song you can't stand to listen to.
A song you can’t stand to listen to.

This song annoys the unholy fuck out of me. I cannot pinpoint exactly why. It is overly joyous, I’ll give it that. I do enjoy a celebration from time to time, as well.

I like when a bartender asks me what my pleasure is.

My husband shares my feelings, and this song was on the no-play list at our wedding. If that asshole DJ we had would have played it, I might have had to kick him in the willy.

Ah well. Some things are just a mystery, I suppose.


Since others have posted more than one song, I will break the protocol, and include a bonus song. Some of you might remember my fear of Tiny Tim, namely Tip Toe through the Tulips. I cannot bear to hear that song. I can’t even post his image. This stems from my childhood, and an album called Looney Tunes.

Burn, burn!!!


Yep, I have issues.