So today’s challenge asks for a song that I have danced to with my best friend. Right now, I have four best friends in my life. My mom, my husband, Cheryl, and Twindaddy.

This is a silly prompt, because I do not dance unless I am sauced. I am normally sauced at weddings. The last wedding I attended was my own. I danced with both my mom and my husband that day.

A song you have danced to with your best friend.
A song you have danced to with your best friend.

I have danced with Cheryl numerous times when we go see Beatles tribute bands. I have never danced with Twindaddy, so he is officially out of the running here. (Sorry, man. I would just step on your toes anyways.)

This prompt really sucks.

I already did a post about my mom. So, she’s out. I have also done a post about my husband and I a couple of times since this challenge started.

If my awesome deduction skills are correct, this leaves Cheryl. No, wait. I did do a post about her, too. Fuck.

I’m gonna have to flip a coin here or something. Give me a sec.


I danced to this song with my husband along with our wedding party. Phew.

One more song to go, and it’s an easy one.