The good news is, I had a very nice weekend, celebrating Memorial Day with my kinsfolk.

The bad news is, it backfired in my face like I feared it would.

Yesterday was a lost day, meaning that I couldn’t stay awake. My entire body ached and pinged. I took a pain pill, and slept. I couldn’t fight the fatigue, it was stronger than my will. Eventually, I was able to watch Bizarre Foods from 3 pm to 8 pm, while splayed out on the couch.

My husband told me, you are doing absolutely nothing but resting.

Today as well. Nothing physical for me. Another day of rest, although at least I can form words now, and type them. My eyelids are not as heavy this morning, the pain a lovely 7. I will take care of that a bit later, but for now I will just be thankful that I am somewhat with the program and have the energy to sit up at my computer.

The throb in my hips tell me I was a bad girl for walking so much. I had no choice.

The worst was having everyone watch me limp painfully to the picnic table. My cousins face was classic.

Let me remind you all, I hate this disease. Older people have more stamina than I do. I hate the fact that I had to send my daughter to buy me a lemonade and a brisket sandwich at the rib cook-off. Even last year, I was able to do it myself.

It’s getting worse, and I am scared. Pissed off, too.

My positive, live my life regardless mindset is shaken.

If anything, this past weekend was a learning experience. I can’t do a full weekend of activities anymore. In the future, I need to pick just one.


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