As we age and mature, we evolve away from childish sounding words, and replace them with more adult ones like fuck.

Doesn’t that make me seem cool? Fuck. It just demands ones attention.

Looking back, I find that I do miss some of the simpler words that used to be in my daily vocabulary before I matured into a well articulated grown up.


Every little boy I knew had these imaginary bugs, and they were oftentimes infestations. I had it totally covered, though. I carried my cootie spray with me.


Wow, I haven’t used this one in a hot minute. My 2nd grade teacher called it the lavatory, and I originally pictured beakers and boiling vats of chemicals. I was so disappointed.

Not laboratory…

Grown up words for the toilet include:


Water Closet


The Head

Pee Pee

I really had to go pee pee one time, and I told my dad. We were in a store, and I guess he didn’t truly believe that my teeth were floating. In an aisle, I dropped my drawers and plopped a squat. Yes, I took a pee pee right there. I was perhaps 3 at the time, thankfully.


My dad took me seriously after that.


This is my favorite childhood word, and I have been using it again instead of saying shit. It brings me back to a simpler time.

You know, innocence and all that.

I think as far as words go, poop is kinda cute. It’s a far cry from saying I need to take a dump, or I have to drop some friends off at the pool.

Should I take a poop or a dump?

What childhood words do you miss?