I have always loved Aerosmith. I received their album “Pump” in 1988, for Christmas.

I’m sure my mother was thrilled.

It was chock full of excellent songs, but my favorite by a landslide was “Angel.”

He’s so dreamy!!

What’s better than Stephen Tyler lying in a bed?

Simple. Stephen Tyler lying in bed, reaching out for an imaginary, floating angel that’s playing hard to get.

He never catches her, either. Looks like you’ll continue to be sleeping in that bed alone, man.

I am constantly amazed at how my perception of all things lame has changed over the course of my lifetime. Back in the day, the video for this wistful love song was the bomb shit.

Now, it’s a golden opportunity to giggle the fuck up.

Damn, I miss skin tight leggings. And trenchcoats.

Angel by Aerosmith

I’m alone yeah I don’t know if I can face the night
I’m in tears and the cryin that I do is for you
I want your love let’s break the wall between us
Don’t make it tough, I’ll put away my pride
Enough’s enough, I’ve suffered and I’ve seen the light…baby…

(Sure you have.)

You’re my angel come and save me tonight
You’re my angel come and make it alright


Don’t know what I’m gonna do about this feeling inside
Yes, it’s true loneliness took me for a ride
Without your love, I’m nothin but a beggar
Without your love, a dog without a bone
What can I do, I’m sleepin in this bed alone…baby…

(Cry me a river.)

You’re my angel come and save me tonight
You’re my angel come and make it alright
come and save me tonight…

You’re the reason I live
You’re the reason I die
You’re the reason I give when I break down and cry
Don’t need no reason why
Baby, baby, baby

(Calm the hell down and take a Xanax.)