(I posted this a few months ago and took it down out of fear, but the person I am talking about is back to slandering me again on his blog. I am fucking tired of it.)

 I feel relatively safe enough now to talk about something that has been on my mind for a very long time. I have remained silent, mostly because I am not one who enjoys stirring the pot.

 Around this time last year, I befriended a fellow blogger. I was naive and much too willing to put my trust into someone, and I paid dearly on a personal level for my foolishness.

This person eventually destroyed that trust by becoming excessively angry towards me when things didn’t go his way. He proceeded to start slandering me on his blog, and there wasn’t a damn thing that I could do about it.

  • They paint this picture of mystical intervention, even claiming you to be their soul mate. They say they are infatuated with you. Such is the magnetic pull of their personality, it can be very difficult to ascertain whether or not they are being sincere.
  • They try to dig deeper into your psyche, by asking personal questions. They seek the tiny fissure cracks in your protective wall.
  • We all want to believe that the people we let into our protective bubbles aren’t just charismatic shit-talkers.
  •  We all have personal boundaries that most people instinctively do not cross for fear of offending someone, or coming off as a creep. (er)
  • They will never own up to their socially offensive behavior. In fact, they actually “get off” on pissing others off, like it’s a game.
  • Everything is just a huge joke to them. This is how they get away with their shit.

These are the things that I watch out for now.

We can be whatever we want to be on here, which is part of the allure. My own blog is peppered with some glitter, and a slathering of sarcasm. We put our own personal stamps on our blogs, because they are an extension of ourselves.

But at the root of it all, I have no desire in doing anyone here any harm. I do believe that is true for the majority of us.

I am just tired of letting my silence speak for me all of the time.

I am no longer afraid to leave this post up. I am angry beyond words.