I have been feeding my pet squirrel Nutty and her too quick to photograph babies now for a few months.

I bought some cracked corn, peanuts and recently added some dried cranberries, you know, for that extra shot of vitamin C.

Most mornings, she comes down from her tree and peeks intoย my kitchen.

Searching for me, I hope.


Aws! I love you too!

When I open the patio door, she barely budges. She just sits there and watches me as I put her breakfast out.

She also gets dinner.

And yep, I talk to her. My daughter caught me doing this the other day.

“The neighbors are going to think you’re crazy, you know.”


All I know is that she listens to me when I speak to her. Maybe one of these days, she will let me get close enough to pet her, but I doubt it. After all, I am a big, scary human and she is just a furry cutie patootie.

We have our daily routine, and it makes me excessively happy for some silly reason.