As much as I strive to take it easy, every now and then life throws…well, life at you.

I have some major excitement coming up, a road trip, a new pet, and seeing Ringo Starr this coming Sunday here in Cleveland. I am not as excited as I was when I saw Paul last summer, but it’s still rather fabtastic.

On Thursday, myself, my daughter and my friend Cheryl are going to Maryland to pick up our new puppy, Maya. My husband got to name her.

We have watched her grow through pictures shared on Facebook from Cheryl’s daughter. Her dogs, Tank and Kelia, had puppies back in early May.

So much cuteness!!

I am looking forward to having this little cutie to take care of. My dog Maggie is going on 7 now, and we are hoping that having a new sister will give her a much needed jolt of youthful vigor.

Animals are just pure love, and I can never have enough of that.

I will be taking a blog break starting Thursday. It’s been awhile since I took one, so it’s long overdue. I am preparing to have a massive fibro flare after all of this activity, but sometimes I have to say screw it and do what I want and need to do.

Kiss my ass, fibro.