A few years ago, my car got stuck in the mud at the flea market on a sunny, beautiful Sunday morning.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I couldn’t unstick myself, so I called for backup. While I was waiting for someone to arrive with a bag of cat litter, my daughter and I sat in the car watching the continuous line of passing people. I even tried making eye contact with the strongest looking menfolk.

I was sure that someone would stop and ask me if I needed help.

Not one person inquired about my dirty, muddy situation.

My cat litter finally showed up, and within minutes, I was again mobile.

I am still shocked and saddened that all of those people turned a blind eye to me that day. I was a damsel in distress, after all.

I’ll just have a spot of tea while I wait.

Where have all the cowboys gone?

Whatever happened to being concerned for our fellow-man?

I bet you $20 that if I went up the road a ways and stalled out, not one person would stop and come to my aid.

Let me give this a try. Hang on.

Nope, not one person stopped to ask me if I required assistance.*

I’m curious to see just how many of us would actually stop and help someone in need. The world is a big, scary place. Filled with mud puddles and such.

We all need a little helping hand out there, yo.


*I didn’t actually do it. I would have hadΒ to put on a bra.