I went to the dentist yesterday because one of my front bottom teeth became infected. I’m used to toothaches due to having genetically bad teeth, but this one has to be the most painful of the bunch.

I had a ping pong ball sized lump deep down in there, and after giving me 10 days worth of antibiotics, the dentist told me to gently press on it.

You know, to drain it. He said it would make it feel better if I could tolerate the pain.

Ha! I’m a fucking pain ninja, dude.


So, while I waited for the pharmacy to fill my script, I gently put some pressure on it.

Instantly, my mouth filled up with the most disgusting, vile taste ever. I got up out of my chair and went to the restroom to rinse my mouth out. The pressure I inflicted on this bad boy actually broke through my gum line.

Uh, gross.

This morning, the pain is minimal. It actually itches more than anything, which means I have no idea what.

On August 6th, I go back for two extractions.

Proof that toothaches are a wicked bitch.