Yeehaw, are these chaps tight!
Yeehaw, are these chaps tight!

There are a few times in life when certain scenarios play out in perfect harmony among the chaos.

The first night while I was at the hospital, I really thought I was dying. They were talking about infectious diseases and morphine, so I obviously came to the conclusion that I was royally screwed.

Because I used a pin on a nasty ingrown hair by my crotch-line.

I infected myself with my carelessness, simple and scary as that. There is now a ban on safety pins in my house, and if someone needs a button sewed, don’t look at me.

I’ve learned how to flush a PICC line, give myself antibiotics, how to pack a wound, and scuttle to the bathroom without much warning because of my new diabetic med. But hey, at least my blood sugar is now controlled. And that’s truly all that matters. I have a nice supply of TP at the moment, no worries.

Are you going to finish that milkshake?

The smoking thing? I had the urge to hit my husband over the head with my Kindle the other night. Enough said.

I was given the choice to either fight for my life or not. It could have been easy to have just ignored it all and taken the exit, but I didn’t. Life isn’t even close to great right now, but I won’t be going down with this ship anytime soon.

Even the passing of Robin Williams played a part in my life this week.

I’ll let him explain it himself. (Thanks MM for posting this video.)