I should never have taken this job, the benefits suck.
I should never have taken this job, the benefits suck.

For the last time, I can’t afford dental and vision insurance! You’re a pain in my ass, cowpoke.

It’s been a relatively quiet and boring week. This is a good thing, trust me. I thrive in this sort of environment. Calm means no anxiety attacks. It means that I don’t have to hide in the closet with a pool noodle clenched in my sweaty hands as a weapon.

My daughter was sick and stayed home the first three days of the school week. There is some kind of nasty viral infection going around, so we decided to err on the side of caution. She seems to be much better, thankfully. I hope that I don’t come down with it myself.

Let me add another penny to the wishin’ and hopin’ jar.

The weather has gone from sweltering to freezing (I might be exaggerating a wee bit) in a matter of a couple of days. This is the joy of living in Cleveland. My body doesn’t like extreme weather changes, so I’ve been sitting here with my fingers crossed.

I’ve been feeling extra isolated and lonely lately. The next few days are filled with outings, so it won’t be long before that feeling evaporates. I swear, I can’t win for losing. I confuse the fuck out of myself sometimes. I crave solitude, but deep down I still want to go out and party hard.

What the hell, let’s order an appetizer!


Wow, those are some great prices! I’ll take some of the mom’s mac and cheese, plus two orders of cheese and bacon ranch fries.

An excellent combination that will come back to haunt me as sulfur burps.

I’m looking for a new show to watch on Netflix. Any suggestions?