I’ve often wondered why it is that we grow to become distant with people we once were so close to.

For example, my brother and I used to be super tight back when we were kids and teenagers. We were not just siblings, but friends. I have many fond memories of growing up with him, thankfully. He’s busy with his life, I am semi-busy with mine or taking a siesta.

At one time, we had a great time just hanging out. Conversation was easy. My brother isn’t exactly a vocal wordsmith, but we were able to share comfortable silence.

I honestly never really know what to say to him anymore, besides how is work?

How’s it hangin’ bro?

Ah shit, I miss him.


I stumbled across this amazingly hot picture of John Lennon that I never saw before.




I go through these bouts of the blues from time to time, usually when I’m going through a flare. If I disappear from blogworld, it just means that I feel like a lump of my dog’s poo, crave solitude, and that I will return once it’s all quiet on the Mer front.



Speaking of dog poo, here is my little puppy Maya, who is now the size of a moose.


She’ll eat me out of house and home. And knock me over. Shit.


I have a bit of good news, but I’m not ready to share it quite yet, at least not here on KOBAF. If my future continues to look bright, I will buy a new pair of shades.

As the saying goes, don’t put the cart before the horse.


Thanks for being here for me, my friends.