Using feminine wiles to our advantage is a sneaky trick that is often difficult to pass up, especially when we want the dishes put away or our feet rubbed after a long day. Using sex to manipulate a man can work so well, in fact, that we might not even realize that we are doing it.

Men crave our attention, especially when it’s of the sexual kind. A subtle wink and a lick of the lips tells a man that we are interested in being intimate with them sometime in the near future, even when it could be farther from the truth.

Not following through with the unspoken promise of an amorous interlude can do damage to a relationship over time. Although unintentional, it can give a man the signal that we don’t respect their needs, wants, and feelings.

And yes, men do have them, real ones, not just hunger pains.

Next time, instead of amping up the sexual innuendo and flaunting yourself like a vixen when you want your man to take out the trash, try a little tenderness.

Put your head on his shoulder and rub his back. Tell him how much he means to you. Offer to do something extra special for him that doesn’t include sexual favors. Sensuality doesn’t always need to be about copulation.

Once you’ve noticed how often you use sex to manipulate your partner into doing your bidding, you might be shocked. Chances are you will be motivated to change how you approach him.

Mutual respect and trust can be the perfect aphrodisiac in and of itself. There is nothing quite as sexy as having a man eat out of the palm of your hand without needing to show your cleavage.