Tonight is seniors night at my daughters school, and I have a nasty zit on my cheek.

It is also raining. I am hoping for a reprieve, because I’ve been feeling not so great the last few days. As it is, my hubby is going to be pushing me in the transport chair, onto the football field. Tonight’s celebration is for my daughter, 4 years in marching band. The parents get to march with them. I have been looking forward to this since her freshman year, and now I am dreading it.

I am wallowy today, I’ll admit it. It’s not easy keeping a decent state of mind when my body wants to crawl into a hole and disappear.

Today, I am sick of being sick. I’m not even remotely humorous at the moment. My isolation and pain is gonna end up killing me from the inside out, I do believe. At least, that’s what it feels like at the moment.

Even Cowboy Murray is as quiet as a mouse. He’s probably afraid that I’ll smack him if he gets smart.

Well, as I used to say back in the day, the only thing to it is to do it.

Then, I get to sleep, rest, and recuperate for 5 days.