I should rename this bi-weekly roundup, or whenever I fucking feel like it roundup.

I wasn’t in the mood to blather on about my boring life last week. I’m feeling sort of melancholy. Well, very melancholy. I will try to explain the best I can.

Everything is changing. Good news, my daughter got her acceptance letter from Cleveland State. With her grades, I am not surprised. She has busted her ass for years and deserves it. It was a great moment when I handed her that giant envelope yesterday. She was so happy.

She is walking on a fluffy cloud. She has a pep in her step.

So am I, of course. Happy for her, that is. No clouds or pep here.

Now we try to apply for every grant and scholarship we can in order to pay for it. She doesn’t want to live at home, but stay on campus in the very expensive dorms. I hope that her dream doesn’t shatter.

I am ready for her to move out. I knew the day would come. But, it still doesn’t stop the shock factor. It’s coming so fast. Next year at this time, she won’t be waking me up at 6:30 am before she goes to school. I won’t have to worry about what she’s eating and if she has her coat on a chilly day.

Freedom, yay.

She’ll be 18 in January. I am not envious of her, because I will not allow myself to be. Fuck that. I want her to have all the good stuff in life.

We want our kids to live better than us. Very simple. I am beyond proud of her.

End of story.

My mom’s health is not great. I worry about her. We talk on the phone and just bitch to each other, who is more miserable today? She has me beat, because what is wrong with her will eventually…

That hurts me greatly to even type that. I am unable to finish the thought.

Anyways, I feel a huge transition coming and I am not sure I am ready for it. Not like I have a choice, I didn’t have much say when I started to get sick either. Ain’t nada we can do.

I think it’s time for a random funny picture.

Or how about my baby replacement?


I am feeling down today, but don’t worry, soon enough I will be able to suppress it with drugs.

Sadly, I have little humor today. But that is okay. Maybe tomorrow.

Speaking of which, I will be participating in Nano Poblano 2014. I’ve been trying to get more involved lately rather than being my usual introverted, solitary self.

Yep, it is hard to type that out.  🙂