1. The title of this post might make me sound like a pretentious dingdong, but it really is a legit prompt that you can find here. I’ve decided to do a humorous spin on this great idea.

2. I can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

3. I open doors for people at the store.

4. I might have shit for brains sometimes, but I have a heart of gold plating.

5. I can shuck an ear of corn like nobodies business.

Would you like to try some of my corn pie?

6. I’m kinda like a cellphone, I need recharged after 4-5 hours of continuous use.

7. I can potty train a puppy in 6 months.

8. I can stop myself from sneezing by pinching my nose with my fingers.

9. I can use sign language to tell you my name and ask you if you’d like some chocolate milk.

10. I can burp the alphabet after drinking an entire can of pop.