I never eat salsa from New York City.
I never eat salsa from New York City.

Not even a week into Nano Poblano and I already missed a day. Tsk.

I was so ill yesterday that I didn’t tag my post. It wasn’t a very nice post, anyways. Maybe it’s a good thing.

It’s been a rather unpleasant week. It started with my puppy using my glasses as a chew toy.


I had to get a new pair. I went to this place called America’s Best, who offer a too good to be true 2 pair for $69 deal, plus a free eye exam.

It took the doctor less than 5 minutes to declare my eyes healthy. My always weaker left eye only changed a little.

Sure, I trust him.

My husband and I picked out two cool frames. We were getting ready to pay the $69 and blow out of there when the lady tried to up charge me.

“The $69 is just for the plastic lenses, no coatings or warranty.”

“Sure. Sounds fine to me.”

“Oh no, you don’t want that.”

“Um, yes I do. I am poor, bitch.”  ( I didn’t really say that.)

“But the $69 is just the base point. Those are very cheap lenses. No one actually buys those.”

“Well, guess what? I do. My dog ate my glasses and I would like to be able to see until my insurance will pay for another pair next spring. So, you can take your warranty and your anti-glare coating for $140 dollars and stick it up your ass.” (Yet again, I didn’t really say that exactly.)

Finally, the lady gave up trying to pilfer money out of me and started being overly nice to us. I’ll get my cheaply made emergency glasses soon, I hope. Until then, I am wearing my old ones that give me a headache.

Your basic bait and switch. I should have done more research into the place. I should have just went to Walmart.

It just hasn’t been a good week. Issues with my kid. A really bad flare. Spending money I don’t have and fighting with that lady at the eyeglass place. All of that turned me into a mega bitch for the most part. Just ask my daughter, she hates me right now.

I’m not all that enamoured with her myself at the moment.

Here’s to hoping that next week is better.