I share so much about my inner feelings and turmoil, I thought it would be nice to share a piece of my home today instead.


I bought this wood table at World Market back in 2009, when I used to have extra spending money. I had always wanted one. It wasn’t cheap if I recall, the wood was from Zimbabwe or somewhere equally exotic.

There is my big ass drunk frog sipping some fancy beer. I cut off the top of his head in this picture, but you get the idea. He is the biggest piece from my retro advertising collection.

I have numerous candles and empty votives. That big one is a cheap knockoff of a Yankee Candle that does not smell like caramel apple when I light it. But, what do you expect for $2.97 at the discount store?

On the right, you will see the words of wisdom by Paul McCartney, Let It Be. My mom and aunt bought that for me, I am thinking last Christmas? Or it could have been on my birthday. Shit, no clue. There is a tiny Beatles record player on top of the pretty butterfly box that Mental Mama sent me awhile back.

Handmade doilies from MM and my bff.

On the left are the most recent pictures that I have of my daughter.

In the middle are a couple small shots of my husband and I on our wedding day. Also, there is the glass container of sand that the three of us poured together during the unity ceremony we had. The idea was to get my daughter more involved in the wedding and to show that Tom was also taking on the responsibility of being B’s stepfather. The birdie card is from Tom. He gave it to me for our 5th anniversary this past September.

The last picture frame is my parent’s wedding photo, my father looking handsome as ever and my mom a beautiful vision in white. They were married in September of 1972, two years before I was born.

My bff Cheryl made me a hat that I have put up on my parents photo for some reason. Oh yeah, to keep my dog from eating it.

This is one of my favorite spots in my tiny little condo.