My dad passed away back in 1986, long before the internet. I often wonder how he would have reacted to being able to gain information on any topic of his choosing within seconds and playing Candy Crush.

Although he did proclaim Pac-Man a jerk.

My dad was a smart man. He had many hobbies and money-making ideas that never really came to fruition due to lack of funds and his inability to advertize.

After thinking about it more, I have compiled a list of what I think my dad might have enjoyed if he had lived to see the joys of technology.


Dad would have enjoyed bidding on gardening supplies and garden gnomes. He probably would have opened his own store, as well.


His handle would have been @fridaynightmartinti.


He would have had a blog dedicated to beer and wine making, although he wasn’t much of a drinker besides his weekly martini. (As referenced above.)


I can’t really imagine that he would have ever posted a selfie, but you never know. I said the same thing myself and I have done it numerous times.

He would have totally shared this meme, though.

We knew it was you, dad.

Google Search

He would have spent hours looking up everything from tips on selling popular products at the flea market (or swap meet in some locales) to how to build a greenhouse on the cheap.

Words with friends

He would have dominated this game. I bet you anything that I would have never been able to beat him.

I’m sure that he had many more interests that I am not aware of. I was rather young when he died and didn’t get the chance to learn more about him as a person.

Anyways, he might have spent hours online or he could have poo pooed it. Either way, I’m sorry that he didn’t get to experience it in all it’s mind blowing glory.

Miss you dad.