My husband has been at me to bring So Lame Saturday back.

I had thought that I already covered most of the lamest songs ever recorded, but evidently, I was mistaken.


According to my extensive research on the subject of lameness, it seems that the 80’s win by a landslide. This isn’t to say that other decades don’t have lame songs, but the 80’s were such a time of excess when it came to low budget video production, clothing styles, lyrics and whathaveyou.


Like a record….you remember, those vinyl things.
Do you have M&M’s?
That sounds lovely, thank you.

Lionel Ritchie was one popular dude back in the 80’s. He had a string of hits, enough to make up an entire “the best of.” (Which I owned at one time, shut up.) As much as I generally like the fella, his video for “Hello” gets the coveted Lame award, which is plated in leftover turkey gravy, all that I can afford at present time.

He is basically stalking a blind woman. At an art school?

If she doesn’t know what he looks like, how the hell did she pull off a Lionel bust of such high quality?

Oh. Well then, I stand corrected.

There’s nothing better than being the center of someones obsession, is there? I know that I personally love the idea of being watched like a hawk. Heres my favorite part of the song, the first few lines. Creeper.

I’ve been alone with you
Inside my mind
And in my dreams I’ve kissed your lips
A thousand times

If you like me that much, just send me a box of candy. That’s what the chick from Bow Wow Wow did.

Do you have a lame song that you’d like me to cover in the future? (Please, I am running out of material here.)