I think that I’m coming down with a cold again, and there’s a great chance that I picked it up from my ma on Thanksgiving. She is starting to feel a little better, thank goodness. But now I can feel it taking hold in my head, throat, and my voice sounds all snotty.

My immune system is shit, man. I’m surprised that I don’t pick up other people’s hunger pains.

I put on my big girl panties last night, and went to the drugstore to prepare myself for the upcoming onslaught of the sickies.

  • Puffs tissues with lotion.
  • Halls sugar-free cough drops, honey-berry flavor.
  • Alka-Seltzer Plus for severe colds.

Out of all of the cold medicines that I have taken over the years, that fizzy stuff is the bomb.

I was in a funky mood last night because I felt like I can’t catch a break. This has been a bad year for illnesses, being hospitalized back in August, generally feeling like utter crap, and battling with my longtime buddy, the major depressives.

But this morning, as I sit here sniffling, I find that I just don’t give a flying fudge about this cold. (Been trying to watch my mouth lately.)

This too shall pass.

I’ve learned a couple of things about myself this year. A few of you have done lists centered around this theme, and here is my small version, in memes.



Kitty has a point.

It’s hard to separate myself from it. I know in order to have any peace, I need to stop letting it define me as a human, but it’s not that simple. Actually, it’s one of the worst battles that I have ever fought in my entire life. It comes close to trumping my 6 year stint with my abusive ex. Once I found the power to actually leave, and stay gone, he didn’t have a 100% hold on me anymore.

I can’t just tell fibromyalgia to fuck off. (So much for the potty mouth.)

Yet, I remain stubborn. I will somehow survive this.


Because the alternative is worse, isn’t it?