Sometimes, I stare out my patio door and wonder about all the life that I am missing out on.

Then I scratch my ass and go sit back down.

I have been busier than I am used to this past week, because of Christmas and the fact that I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could. I went shopping in a real store (Kmart) and out to dinner with my daughter and best friend Cheryl on Monday. Tuesday, I chilled. Wednesday, we went to my husbands brothers house and visited with his wife and two kids. Thursday, I made an egg and sausage bake, plus cinnamon rolls. The delicious smells did not woo my 17 year old down the stairs like I had hoped, so I had to go up to her room and prod her.

“Santa was here!” was received with a groan. Teenagers, tsk.

Once she opened her gifts, I napped on the couch until it was time to go to my moms. My aunt was sick as a dog and still is, the poor thing. We all gathered around to help out, since my mom has a hard time doing things due to her own health problems. I took a pain pill and did all that I could. It felt nice to be productive, even though I am suffering the consequences now.

Which is why I am just sitting here on my rear end today. It might be a few days of this. I am sure that there are so many great things to do around town this weekend, but I won’t be a part of it.

Which I am oddly at peace with for once.