My first outing of 2015 was to the Horseshoe Casino in downtown Cleveland yesterday. My best friend wanted to go and asked me last week if I wanted to accompany her, since neither one of us had never been.

They built the casino inside the old Higbee’s department store. As they remodeled the place, they also kept much of the old in there somehow. It’s just beautiful. It had been years since I was inside. It brought back a few childhood memories, particularly seeing a row of sparkly brand new tube TV’s playing Elton Johns music video for “Sad Songs Say So Much” in tandem while going to see Mr. Jingaling back in 1984.

It’s funny the things we remember.

Little factoid, they filmed parts of the movie “A Christmas Story” there in 1983.

You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.


We didn’t win, because gambling is evil.

You’ll lose your ass, kid.


I am a seasoned gambler, but never had that hunger. You know what I mean. I am too much of a cheapskate to truly get into it. There is something about having a machine suck a $20 dollar bill away from me in 10 minutes that gets under my skin. The machines at our new downtown casino are tighter than my sweatpants after I chow down on some pizza and cherry jello.

We walked a fair amount while we were there. There are two floors of slot machines, table games, the high roller room and a food court where I ordered a corned beef sandwich. Yum.

I was visibly limping most of the time, but I got to sit down often enough. True, we didn’t stay at any machine long because they were mean, but taking a load off for a few minutes helped to keep me going.

We had a good time regardless of the fact that we didn’t win shit. I enjoyed spending quality time with my friend and people watching. There is no smoking here in Cleveland, so the air only smelled of desperation.

I am paying the piper today, but I knew I would be. I can’t get anything over on fibro, try as I may. But it was totally worth it, because now I can say that I have been to The Horseshoe.

Thanks for getting me out of the damned house, Cheryl. Love ya.