I am at a loss here.

Paul McCartney and a dude named Kayne West recorded a song together. Some fans of Mr. West honestly had no idea who the hell Paul was. They were giving kudos to Kayne for giving an “unknown” artist a chance at a new career in music.

How is this possible? I mean, Sir Paul! You know, one of the greatest Rock and Roll icons ever? One of The Fab Four!!

Does The Beatles ring a bell? Let It Be? Mop Tops??

I Wanna Hold Your Hand!!!

Let go of my hand.

When I was fully entrenched in the musical world of Bon Jovi back in the 80’s, I still knew who Paul McCartney was. Because it is history and I loved history class.

True, I’m not privy to much current music since the early 2000’s. Old people are supposed to hate what the youth of America calls music nowadays. I am just doing my part.

Listen kids, Paul touched an accidental boob in a music video long before you even took your first breath. Check it out, 1:16.

Totally adorable.

I am frightened for the future, I truly am.