It’s been damn cold and snowy where I live the last few days. The following meme sums it about up.

I haven’t been doing all that much, just sitting around resting, wrapped up in blankets, pajamas permanently on, fuzzy socks on my feet. The cold seeps into my achy bones and I long for some sunshine on a beach somewhere.

I have to go to the doctors on Friday, so I am trying to stockpile as much stamina as I can. I can’t put it off anymore, as much as I hate going. There really isn’t anything that she can do for me. I always leave her office disappointed. I am looking forward to a pat on the back at any rate, I’ve lost a few pounds since I saw her last August.

So there’s that.

Winter has become my least favorite time of the year, when it used to be one of my favorites. The cold never really bothered me all that much before, but now it practically immobilizesย me. I stare out of the window and shudder at the idea of getting into a freezing car, huddling to stay warm while the car heater does what it does.

Like I did every winter morning for so many years, until I just couldn’t anymore.

I am fighting a feeling of overwhelming anxiety on a continuous basis, because I hate being trapped inside the house, with all of these hours to fill in. The time slips by so slowly. (Unless I am binge watching a TV show on Netflix.)

I get so excited when my daughter comes through the door. Even more so when my husband comes home from work. The house doesn’t feel so lonely when they are here. I got the pups, but they usually just nap all day, especially in this weather. Plus, they are awful conversationalists.

I am very thankful that I have my family coming home to me each day. I am also proud when I actually accomplish something to share with them.

“I cleaned the kitchen floor!”

“You shouldn’t have done that. Did you hurt yourself?”

“Yeah, but that isn’t the point. You can eat off of that bitch!”

You can. I’m making mac and cheese, come on over.