I stole a pack of gum. My mom made me take it back and apologize.

I kept the extra $3 that a cashier accidentally gave me.

I took $10 out of my exes wallet during a weekend pick up the kid visit.

I urinated in a driveway because I was too drunk to go into the house and use the bathroom.

My electric bill is in my moms name. Just call me Sandy.

I once flashed a trucker my bra encased boobies while on a road-trip.


I think he approved; he honked his horn.

I took a picture of my brother picking his nose and used it to bribe him.

When I was 15, I tried to slap my mom.

That’s all I seem to remember.

I tried to do a strip tease for my husband, but got tangled up in my jeans and almost went boom.


I called my dog a douche-bag because she scratched me. I felt bad and bought her a chew-toy.

I locked two girls outside of my elementary school because they were mean.

I told my supervisor at a shitty job to kiss my ass, I quit. I threw my smock at her and walked away.