I have a tremendous fear of running out of milk for my coffee.

I have never painted my toenails.

I currently have 3 lighters placed strategically in my house.

I had a job once where everyone called me Teresa, which is my middle name.

You couldn’t pay me enough to eat hot wings.

Β I suffer from sleep paralysis occasionally, which is some scary shit.

I can’t eat or drink anything citrus, because it gives me acid bumps on my tongue.

I know all of the lyrics to “So Hard To Handle” by the Black Crows.

I’m extremely low maintenance, as long as I am medicated.

I played with my Barbie’s until I was 15.

I’m not afraid of airplanes even though I once had a flight from hell.

Is anyone looking for a house-guest? I don’t eat much. All you have to do is supply sunshine and throw crackers at me.