Oh look, there’s a package!

I joined Amazon Prime, which offers 2 day free shipping. I am usually a thrifty person, but lately I’ve been ordering little things for the excitement of it all. I got my dog an elk bone, for example. I also got her a red rubber ball with a hole where you can put treats and peanut butter inside. She chews through everything like crazy.

Notice that I didn’t buy myself anything. This is how it goes.

But I love candles, especially the ones that smell fantastic and cost less than those expensive ones, which shall remain nameless. I mean, who pays almost $30 for a candle? Not me, man. No way.

I use candles often, because I don’t like how my house smells like dog, weed and cigarettes. (In that order.) So I went on the search, planning on finally buying myself a little something special.

I found this.

I couldn’t believe it and showed my husband. He laughed and made a dirty joke that I won’t share because it might make you blush.

They also had this candle.

Thanks. They’re not as perky as they used to be, but that’s because I’m 40 and had a baby.Β Better to have had it and lost it than never to have had it at all.

I ended up buying cinnamon pecan. I was so impressed with the price ($9.99) and how odorific it smelled that I ordered a lemon pound cake candle last night. I swear I’m done. These candles have a 100 hour burn time, so I’m good for awhile.

I’d love to stay here and chat, but I really need a new pair of toenail clippers. If I order now, I’ll get them by Wednesday.