I had to give in last night and take a pain pill so that I could get some sleep. This winter is kicking my ass and I’m sad to report that I haven’t been able to skip a day the last week without ending up taking one.

Thank you for explaining, Chilly Willy.

I know that the reason I have them is so that I don’t have to suffer 24/7, but my fear of getting hooked to the bastards is a real threat to me. I’ve noticed that I have started to count them. Will I have enough to last until I see my doctor again so that she can refill my prescription? If I break them in half I will be fine, but what if I need to take a whole one? There is always a chance that I will run out.

This thinking scares me.

Being in pain constantly takes a toll on you. I can only do so much to alleviate it. I have a heating pad, my marijuana and I try to distract myself, most recently with coloring intricate grown up stuff like this:


I got this idea from Moongazer. Thank you for the inspiration, my friend!

I can’t draw, but I always got a smiley sticker in Kindergarten for my awesome coloring skills.

I am hoping that once the weather warms up a bit, I won’t experience these higher levels of pain. I was doing okay with it for awhile, but these below zero wind chills and temps does not make a body feel good. I swear (I have said this before) that someday I am moving to Arizona. Sorry Cleveland, but your bitter winter can kiss my rump.

Do you have some warm thoughts to share?