I had no idea that this cute cat was a spokesperson (spokescat?) for chronic illnesses. I found a slew of these on Pinterest. They are so perfectly sarcastic and true.

Um, no. That is what the word chronic means. I never get better, it just waxes and wanes as the days go by.


He would never, but yes, I have said this to him before. My favorite is “just shoot me.”

This is something that I would expect my younger sibling to say, because he has no concept.

Like, no way!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Diabetes. That is why I have lost 25 pounds.

I am pretty sure that multi-vitamins will not help me. Or not eating fudge.


Spacing out my activities is a way of life now. The chances of me saying no are high, although I might really want to do it.

Can you feel my anger? I can. Whoa boy, do I hate fibromyalgia today.