I got a bug up my ass this morning. It started out as these sort of things usually do, just an idea. Maybe I could actually accomplish something physical today. I spend entire days resting and the thought of another one going by doing the same did not appeal to me in the slightest.

I get this odd sensation that I can only describe as intense boredom.

My bedroom has been neglected for at least 2 years. Dust everywhere, the closet looking like a hurricane had hit it. Books, photo albums and even a few drink bottles on the floor. It basically looked like no one has given a shit for the longest time.

Which is sad, but true.

For whatever reason, I got this bug up my ass to finally do something about it. It’s a nice room, bright and colorful. But because of my lack of caring, it had turned into this dank, depressing place in my house, where all I did was sleep and grab something to wear out of a basket. I wanted to have my bedroom back, a place for my things to happily intermingle instead of being lumped into chaos and 3 inches of un-dusted funky dirt.

I started at 9;45 am. I took many breaks and talked to myself. It gets lonely around here. I do pretend that my dogs are listening to me, in case anyone can hear me. Mostly though, I don’t give a rats ass.

By 10:15, I went to go pee. Then I had a smoke and contemplated my next step.

I realized by 10:55 that I was enjoying myself. It felt good to move my body, even though I could (and can) feel the soreness and ache in my body parts. I miss the feeling of being active, my body sweaty from exertion and the feeling of finally organizing, doing and thinking. All cohesive, all major systems of the old body working together.

I tackled the closet by sitting at the mouth of my walk-in, using my feet like a rake to slowly bring the clothes closer to me. My dog Maya sat with me and watched as I tossed different items into separate piles. She was confused I think, because we never spend any time in my room besides sleeping.

By 1:30, it was time to vacuum. My arms will kill tomorrow, but the peach colored carpet is finally clean. I even did the carpet lines, like I learned at my beloved maid job. Oh, how I love a clean bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. I was so good at it, too.

And I still am.

I made my bed and Maya jumped up like I had done it just for her.


Then we played a fun game of old sock. I think she likes how the room went from dark and stinky, to one that is open and airy again.

Because I decided to tell fibro to fuck off today.