I keep having these intense, weird ass vivid dreams. They make hardly any sense at all and seem to play out like mini-movies. Lots of detail. They seem to last all night long and change up. I can’t even begin to explain what the hell is going on, only that it creeps me out and makes me question my sanity, especially when I am trying to shake them off when I wake up. My husband asks me what they are about and all I can do is shrug.


Is it my meds? Or because my sleep patterns are all messed up because of the fibro? My shrink had wanted me to go to a sleep doctor, but I never called the place back. I don’t like the idea of being wired up and watched while I snooze. It’s not like they could actually see what I am dreaming anyways. If they could record it, I would invite all of you to watch.

I would make popcorn and then everyone would be like wow that is some crazy shit right there.

I swear that I am not on any good drugs, just light-weight hydrocodone. And an anti-psychotic, which maybe is helping me during the day, but at night watch the hell out.

Does anyone else experience disturbing, movie-like dreams?