I am thrilled with all 12 of the entries for my Beatles contest this year. You guys really made it so much fun! I even think that it went better than last year! My dogs and I were extra busy reading them all and honestly, I wish I had a prize for each and every one of you.

I want to give everyone a bit of the spotlight before I name the winner. So much creativity!

This is going to be a long post, by the way.

VAFANN did this wonderful adaptation of “Across the universe.”


Easy showed his rear being caressed by the entire universe!


Draliman took us back in time to when The Beatles wrote trippy music.


Crimsonowl63 talked about how there is really no “Good Day Sunshine” in Ohio.

Elyse told the story of a real life Lovely Rita and shared the song for all to enjoy.

SIRIUSBIZINUS picked the song “Hey Bulldog” and did his interpretation of the lyrics. John Lennon loved his nonsense, but in this case, he truly showed his sensitive side. Excellent post!

Jackie made me this totally fab artwork. 🙂

good day

ES, as usual, kicked some ass with his adorable comic characters. He also claimed that he didn’t want the win because he won last year. I will hold you to that, my squirrel friend. But your post was most excellent.

GS aka Aunt Sharon showed herself spinning wool in the sunshine!


Ladybuggz did a lyric mash-up that actually made sense.

Notapunkrocker did an epic Lego post that made me crack up. Plus, she made me a Lego! She also asked not to be the winner, because she isn’t really a huge Beatles fan. (Which is fine, I still love you.)

You have to check out the post if you haven’t seen it!

Alice did a picture with Beatles in bathing suits (hot) and sparkly vampires.

Thanks to all of you for having fun with my little contest. 🙂

If you have some time, please check out the posts.

Now, for the winner. This was difficult. I loved all of the posts, but one of them stood out and made me feel all fuzzy inside.

Jackie, come on down! You’re the winner! I loved your Beatles artwork and will be proudly displaying it on my blog for all to see. Thank you!

The Beatles are a important part of my life and so are you guys. ❤