I took my daughter to get her senior pictures yesterday. Why do they take so many poses? I felt so bad having to pass on adorable shots of her. We both decided on one that we both liked and I purchased enough sheets to dole out to a few people. My kid wanted some wallet sizes to give to her friends, so I made sure that she would have plenty. We pick them up in a couple of weeks.

I did my post yesterday on poverty. Although I made sure that it was humorous, being poor is no laughing matter. Within a few short years, I have had to learn how to survive on very little. My monthly disability check is pathetic, lessย than half of what I was accustomed to. Everything that I do has to be on the cheap. I am always looking to save a penny and many times, I feel guilty when I spend a few dollars on something for myself.

Shit, I feel guilty using too much electricity.

If only my dogs could poop golden turds. I would be rich.