I have this old pillowcase that I use. It is soft, like a feather. I got it from someone who donated household items when I moved into my one bedroom apartment so many years ago. Just me and the kid. The donor of the pillowcase was surely from one of my mothers work friends or her hairdresser at the time.

I have drooled on it, cried on it, sneezed on it and other things that I dare not say. Yet still, I wash it every week or so as it continues to look more sickly each time. It is a grayish color now, threadbare and bothersome to look at.

There are even holes in it and what is that stain?


I don’t want to give up my shitty pillow case. It was used when I got it, so I can’t give an exact age. No other pillowcase quite measures up. They are either too scratchy, itchy or fuzzy.

Do you have something old that you can’t get yourself to replace?