I sure do love my daughter, but she has to be one of the biggest drama queens that I have ever known. She mopes. She complains. She rolls her eyes. Her status updates on Facebook leave little to the imagination. Sometimes being around her sucks away at my patience.

I love my daughter, I really do. But her attitude often floors me. She will sit and stare at me until I ask her what is wrong. She’ll shrug and say nothing, when clearly something is bugging her. I will shrug back and go about my business, until she loses interest in the stare down and goes upstairs.

Then I think to myself, maybe I should start drinking.

I should have named her Moody. Then again, I am also the same way most of the time, so the apple doesn’t fall that far from the tree.


I used to love to swing. You know, on a swing-set. Not the other kind of swinging. That isn’t my cup of tea.

She is the mystical creature known as a young adult, trapped within the mind of a teenybopper.