I was busy yesterday running around with my daughter. We picked up her senior pictures, which turned out wonderful.


She would be mad if she knew that I shared it here on my blog, but she doesn’t read it anyways. Besides, I paid for them. I can’t believe how grown up she looks. Some people say that she looks like me, but I don’t agree. She is all her father. Maybe she has my smile.

We went to a craft store and I picked up a few more supplies. Then we came home and painted together, which was enjoyable. I bought myself a wooden owl and tried my best.

Behold! His name is Hoot.


Impressive, huh?

So today, I am exhausted. I could be doing something constructive today, like going to church or the grocery store, but I honestly do not have the energy. I wish that I did, but true to form, I am paying back for being so active yesterday.

It’s funny, I keep thinking that I can be “normal” sometimes, like I can trick my body finally. It never works out, though. This is what the fibro life is like.

Today I will rest. I will continue to fight my depression with all that I have. I will be thankful that I had a decent, busy day yesterday.

Damn it.