I have an awful sweet tooth, which is not good because I am diabetic. The good news is, I have lost close to 30 pounds since last August when I was in the hospital. My numbers are much lower now because of this.

The bad news is, cookies.

And cake, candy, brownies and milkshakes.

I think the trick is to find goodies that are disgusting, like this.


I would have to be desperate to eat these. Can you imagine dipping your bacon Oreo in milk? The thought makes me shudder.

I used to be all about the savory food, but now I have no issues with passing on a slice of pizza. We just ordered one the other night and I didn’t enjoy it one bit. But I did get some chocolate chunk cookies. Just a three pack and I gave my daughter one out of the kindness of my heart.

Sugar-free stuff is somewhat tolerable, but it doesn’t really curb my craving.

Are you a sweet or savory kind of person?